Smart Tales

Create unique museum experiences, by combining professional content with advanced technology

Revolutionise your digital visitor communication

With Loby, visitors are offered a virtual assistant that during their visit will adapt and continuously adjust to the circumstances of their visit. Through Loby Studio the flow of information remains in your hands, and you can control which information you want available and which stories you want to tell.

Flexible communication

Physical signs and information boards that are placed around the museum are unflexible. With Loby, you can provide your visitors with all languages and you can segment the content to target the individual visitor. With Loby, you can provide your visitors with individually tailored experiences, in their desired language.

Moving content

Show photos, videos or let your visitors enjoy audio guides. You have endless possibilities when it comes to commucating via Loby.

Tailored for your museum

Your brand is important. That is why we will provide you with an app that is true to your visual identity

Always up to date

Updating the content you want to provide to your visitors is simple. No techical capabilities are needed, so you dont have to be reliant on time consuming and expensive updates.

Get to know your visitors

Loby provides you with the most essential insights so you can spend your time on improving the stuff that matters. How do your visitors move around the museum, what catches their eye, and what doesn’t - and who are they?

Visitor Data will be anonymous, so no need to worry about compliance and data security

A personal guide for everyone

Think of the app as your seat on the shoulder of your visitors. From there, you can be their guide throughout their visit. You can show them much more about pieces or artists, and even point them in the direction of the nearest café, should the need arise. The app remembers all the visits for you, so you will gain a greater understanding of your visitors behaviour and experience visiting your museum.

  • Listen

    Play audio guides, music or sound effects at certain content or areas in the museum, when your guests are in the vicinity

  • Listen together

    Most often, you visit the museum with a group. Synchronised listening, enables you to listen to the content in a group, so the group can listen to content simultaneously.

  • All languages

    Loby is available in all languages, so international visitors can you use it too. It is up to you to choose which to offer.

  • All platforms

    The app is available on, and optimised for, all platforms. This means that no matter what smartphone your visitors are using, the app will be available to them

  • Watch & Learn

    Let your visitors immerse themselves in the exhibitions, by providing stories about the artists, pieces and exhibitions in the form of text or pictures.

  • Tickets

    The visitor can buy their ticket through the app and avoid queuing. This furthermore incentivises the visitor to download the app.

You control the content

You know all the good stories about your museum. That is why we provide you the full control of the content and how the app will look. All via Loby Studio.

  • Automatic translations

    You do only need to write a master copy of the text and automaticcally it will be translated to the preferred language of your visitor.

  • Manage like a master

    We have done our best to make it as easy as possible to add, create and update content for your museum.

  • Live updates

    As soon as you have made a change, the app will update instantly.

  • Analytics

    Completely anonymized, we will provide you with valuable information about your visitors behaviour.